Club Philosophy

Through football we offer people a range of pathways to positive destinations.

For young players starting out we offer a safe and secure environment in which to learn to play football and develop core skills.

For young players with experience we offer the opportunity to take part in regular football team play and become the best players they can be.

For parents of young players we offer tools for them to support their children and in doing so develop their own role in football.

For those who want to coach we offer a structured and funded way of obtaining qualifications whilst contributing to the club’s development.

For people who live in Alsager we offer a local team who they can be proud of and that represents the best of our community spirit.

We want to build a club that sees continuous improvement, better standards of football being maintained and a higher retention of players than any other local club.

The way we have organised ourselves as a club is built around the belief that if you have the right structures to nurture and develop young talent, ongoing, sustainable success is inevitable.

We believe in the positive power of sport and, in particular, football; not all kids get the same opportunities and it’s important to have places in the community that give all the chance to develop not only their footballing skills, but as individuals. And have fun while doing so!

We think that AFC Alsager is greater than the sum of its parts: it can be a force for good for the whole local community. Whether by giving young people a place to go and positive things to do or helping build bridges within different parts of the community, young and old, we have something that Alsager will be proud of.

All successful organisations have core values which, like a person, describe the character they are. They guide organisational behaviour and can help the organisation know if it is behaving within character or not.

AFC Alsager has five core values:

– Community: This includes, but is more than, teamwork. Our sense of community sees us do as much as we can for each other, both on and off the pitch.

– Individuality: We want individuals to shine and our guided discovery allows each to find the role for them. Everyone has something to offer AFC Alsager.

– Fairness: We play fair, within the rules of the game and the structures of the club. We give everyone a chance to succeed and will support all equally.

– Commitment: Whether coming to training, giving your all in a game or supporting the club, players, parents and coaches all have responsibilities, on and off the pitch.

– Achievement: Success can take many forms. While we want to win, occasionally we may not. In doing our best, the ultimate success will be the club we have built.